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Everest Base Camp – Nepal


It wasn’t until the disastrous Nepal’s Earth quake and its aftermath that I ever thought of visiting Nepal! This incident somehow caught my attention and made me know more about this Himalayan country. Being an Indian, Nepal isn’t a far & unknown country on our charts. Having had a close deal of relationship from ages, Indians and Nepalese share a lot of similarities in beliefs, customs and lifestyle. But what is more interesting about Nepal!? of course it is the mighty Mount Everest.

Just exactly when I was looking out for some adventure the earth quake that hit Nepal in 2015 took my attention.  To go on hiking in Nepal while there were alerts of more such earthquakes sounded a great deal of adventure to me. Also, I  wanted to help Nepal rebuild its tourism industry which was badly affected after the earthquake. Hiking is one thing that I am always interested in, but having said that, I am not any professional hiker. I had to choose a hiking trail which best suited my possibilities of surviving and also wasn’t too heavy on my pockets. The trek to Everest Base Camp located in the Khumbu region of Nepal seemed to be the one I was looking for.

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